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It may be a sad part of life or a terrifying indictment of human behaviour but it is fair to say that first impressions count for a lot. Old saying like don’t judge a book by its cover are very well intentioned but when there are so many books to choose from, it is inevitable that many people will look at the cover for some guidance in narrowing down their options. Sadly, this means that some great books can be missed out on but of course, this analogy isn’t only suitable for books, it can also apply to online casino sites. It is great that there are so many online casino sites to choose from but the fact that there are so many can make it hard for a player. On first glance, the 5Dimes Casino site may not look up to much but with a big of digging, it becomes a site with many great features and aspects. This is why judging a casino site by its looks is not always the best option in life.

After all, the look of a site has nothing to do with how much trust you should put in it. It is fair to say that online transactions are a concern for many people in the current climate and this is why people need to think about the sites they use. Just because a site looks professional doesn’t mean it is professional or indeed legitimate. This is why players need to look at other aspects when judging a casino site and longevity is always a good aspect. After all, if a casino site has stayed in business for a lengthy period of time, it is obviously doing something right for its players. In this regard, the fact that the 5Dimes Casino has been operating since 1996 is a very positive aspect for any online casino player. If you want to base your decisions on something tangible, a good sense of history will always be a benefit to players.

Make sure you grab the welcome bonus

History can help to put a player’s mind at rest when they are looking for a site to play on but it won’t give them any encouragement about games or bets. This is why other aspects have to be considered but again, this is where the 5Dimes Casino site is able to provide players with what they want. No matter what, you want a bonus for signing up with a casino site. This is a reasonable request and any site that doesn’t provide new players with a sign-up welcome bonus isn’t doing enough to entice players on to the site. The 5Dimes Casino realises this and there is a bonus to use but it is of better value to players within North America. Currently, players outwith North America are limited to making an initial deposit of £100 but this is still eligible for a bonus and will be enough to get most players started.

The bonus system for new players on the site starts at $100 and any player that makes an initial deposit between $100 and $400 will receive a bonus of 50% for doing so. This is not the greatest welcome bonus in the world but it is a reasonable bonus and will allow players to play with other people’s money. This is always going to be a good thing and should ensure that people are able to play with fun and less worries. However, if you are able to make an initial deposit over $400 you will find an extra 20% added on to your 50% bonus, providing even more money. It is easy to see why some casino sites would go out of their way to make high rollers feel especially at home on the site.

Players get 10% of their bonus when they roll over their deposit and it seems that slots are eligible for rolling over the money.

Lots of betting opportunities

Once you have funds in your account, the next step is to think about what you are planning on doing with them. This is an easy task on some casino sites but with 5Dimes Casino offering so many alternatives and betting options, it may be a tough task for the player to know where to place their money firs. The fact that the site boasts about having over 1,000 betting opportunities every day should be enough of an indication that there is plenty to enjoy here. This may not be the site for the casual gamer or player as there is a lot going on.

Thankfully, the site is very clear to examine and you should be able to find what you are looking for in no time at all. The sparse layout which initially may have been a negative issue for the site now becomes one of its strengths. It would be easy to become lost with every bet that the site has to offer but the fact that the site looks good and is clearly defined has to be a positive factor for any player. Whether you are a novice player or an experienced casino player, you should find this a site that is easy to navigate.

Support is on hand if you need it

Even if the site looks good and there should be no problems in finding what you need, there may be problems arising from time to time. No matter how good a site is, problems can arise, which is not the issue, the issue is how quickly these issues can be resolved and what a site does to rectify these problems. There is no doubt that 5Dimes Casino takes the issue of support very seriously and they try to offer as many communication points as possible. You can reach the site by phone, email and live chat, all of which should mean if a problem arises; it can be rectified in no time at all.

Another positive aspect of the site lies in the fact that there is a mobile option. The increasing ways that people can access the internet means that there is a greater demand for online gaming on the go with smart-phones and tablets at the forefront of this new technology. Casino players and sports betting fans want to have the freedom to be able to place a bet wherever they are and this is why sites like 5Dimes Casino are doing so well with their offerings. There is no doubt that your day can be brightened up considerably by having a greater range of betting options available to you!

This can be seen with sports betting opportunities and this really benefits from being able to place bets at any time of day or night. The range of in-play bets means that sports betting fans are always looking for the next bet and being able to have a site with a wide range of sporting betting opportunities will always be a good thing. 5Dimes Casino takes its sport very seriously and no matter what you like, there should be something of interest. There is a good focus on American sports, which is not always available on every sports betting site but there are also a lot of niche sports available to bet on as well.

A great of casino and slots games

Sports betting is great but it is not for everyone so it is important for 5Dimes Casino to provide a wider range of games and activities for players. If you like playing poker, you will be pleased to know there is a big range of poker games and tournaments on site. There are also lottery games to choose from, all providing a greater return than what you would expect if you were playing in the standard State games. Being able to get a greater return for your money should always be a good thing for a player and this site definitely excels on that score.

It may be that casino games are what you are interested in and again, this site has everything you could look for. If you love roulette, blackjack or baccarat, look no further but for many people, the main game in the casino is the slot machines. These imperious machines stand tall at the entrance of many actual casinos and in the online world, they stand tall providing a great range of games for players. There are a number of video poker games, including Pai Gow and Stud Poker, that are available in the slots section but for most players, it is the charm of the classic and Progressive slots that matter.

There are four main progressive slots games available on site, the $1 Gold Rush, the $1 Rio Grande, the £0.25 Fireball and the $0.25 Lucky Star. As you can see, these games are quite affordable, providing plenty of gaming fun for many players. The slots on site consist of the $1 Money Machine, the $1 Depth Charge, the $0.50 Lost Temple, the $0.50 Matterhorn, the $0.50 Royal Flush, the $0.25 Classic and the $0.25 1950’s game. There is a selection of classic slots, jackpot slots and even video slots in this selection so no matter what you are looking for with respect to slots, you should be able to find something that you are looking for.